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Meet ProfitSword by Actabl, the leading hospitality business intelligence solution created by hoteliers, for hoteliers.


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Empower your team to make data-driven decisions, drive strategic growth, and gain a competitive edge.


Hotel Effectiveness customers realize even more value from ProfitSword through our game-changing, 2-way integration. With our integration, you can:

  • Empower your teams to see up-to-date labor spend and forecasts for any position
  • Produce proactive and accurate labor forecasts and schedules based on up-to-date numbers.
  • Save time by eliminating manual data entry and increase accuracy across your reporting



ProfitSword by Actabl is a single source of truth, normalizing data across all your systems. With a single click, you can:

  • Get a 360-view of your portfolio, including visibility into finances, budgets, forecasts, and sales performance
  • Drill-down on key metrics to identify and act on labor and operational issues in real-time
  • Leverage 260+ integrations to create customized reports and dashboards tailored for your exact needs

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Streamlining Operations: How ProfitSword and Hotel Effectiveness Work in Harmony for Hotel Success

Sean Finley (1)   

Sean Finley, Senior Director of Sales

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Did you know that over 90% of Hotel Effectiveness clients also integrate with ProfitSword to streamline their operations and superpower their budgeting and forecasting? Watch our exclusive webinar to see how hotel leaders are leveraging their labor data in new ways to gain valuable insights at the corporate and multi-property level. 


Leanna Enger


Leanna Enger, Director of Sales

Key Takeaways:

4:31 | Hotel Effectiveness expert Sean Finley talks through the challenges hotel operations face when doing their labor forecasting and budgeting.

6:44 | Quick overview of the two-way integration between ProfitSword and Hotel Effectiveness.

8:10 | The benefits of using an automated labor management tool, coupled with a BI solution, to efficiently staff, plan, and execute against budgets.

9:44 | ProfitSword Expert Leanna Enger provides an overview of the solution's capabilities and 260+ integrations.

13:00 | Live demo of ProfitSword

28:00 | Audience Q&A


HVMG Embraces Automation

Explore how our client leverages ProfitSword and Hotel Effectiveness to:

  • Eliminate time-consuming manual entry and reporting tasks that lead to data errors and loss of data.
  • Create accurate labor plans with clear visibility into contract labor hours, rates, and productivity.
  • Consolidate all their data into a centralized hub that normalizes all their data and updates in real-time.



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